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Frases Para Fotos Sozinha Pensativa em Ingles 2019

25 de fevereiro de 2019

Frases para fotos sozinha pensativa em ingles , diversas frases  no idioma ingles , sobre estar sozinha e feliz para voce postar naquela sua foto lindo em que voce esta sozinha  e vai postar nas redes sociais e precisa de uma legenda de acordo com a foto, confira logo aqui em baixo varias frases para fotos sozinha pensativa em ingles


If you love to flourish.

Do and redo everything that makes you happy. (I.e.

Nothing is better than being at peace with life!

Make my soul my own garden …

Before the reciprocal, be loyal to self-love. Be loyal to you!

It is poetry to be dealt with the soul.

Water on the inside and be the flower that lives in your being.

She has the incredible craze of ever building up stronger and stronger.

Do not skimp on your best smile!

You are a universe of good things.

It is our obligation to move on, no matter where the direction is

Blessed are the days when it is sunny in my heart.

Have the freedom to take the reins of your life!

Exaggerate in this self-love because excess is better than lack. (I.e.

May my soul always grow light, clean and full of light. Amen! (I.e.

Not everything is flowers, but everything is seed. My choice will always be to sow love.

Put your heart in everything you do. ”

She has learned to love herself much more, because every time she embraces, her world blossoms.

Clean soul, strong saint and an immense desire to be happy!

When I saw myself, it was already love !!

Your will works. Please! (I.e.

Who looks out dreams, who looks inside awake.

To be free is to have a love affair with one’s life. (I.e.

Blessed be our smile every day. (I.e.

You are what you spread, not what you put together!

He smiled in the wind and listened: one hour they come back to you! (I.e.

When you believe in you, it is impossible not to blossom. (I.e.

Whoever knows your heart feels your truth. (I.e.

And of life I only want what is beautiful, sincere and makes me laugh.

This calmness in the soul belongs to those who have learned that everything happens at the right time.

Who in the little that does, puts everything that is, deserves to be happy! (I.e.

Intense people are spontaneous people who have a passion for living.

I blossomed and left no more than you can. My excesses are the most beautiful parts of my new self. (I.e.

It has reinvented itself, because understood that still can be much better. Greater good. Much happier. (I.e.

Beauty is in the chaos of being who we are.

She walked through life in freedom, and shocked those shameful people. (I.e.

May my private infinity always be surface to the shallows. (I.e.

People who know how to be sun even when life is cloudy. (I.e.

The girl from the eyes of God with the heart of constellation of stars .. 😍✨🙏

Make your soul your own garden.

It is a wholeness. I never knew how to be half. Feel everything with all the intensity of the world!

At the same time is poet and poetry … this girl who looks like daylight! (I.e.

She is a free spirit • owner of her own choices • ✨🌟🍂

Rising into the body of a woman who never failed to trust the soul of a girl. (I.e.

It is the easy smile, the tight embrace, the longing love … and the faith that moves mountains. (I.e.

Where I walk I leave pieces of me. Where I love, I leave. (I.e.

Smiling girl. Within it is a God. She knows, she feels

“When I feel sad, I hurt myself.When I hurt, I feel pain.When I feel pain, I cry.
Proverbs Alone at Home ”

“Sometimes you need to be alone. Do not be lonely, but enjoy your free time being yourself.”

“Leave me alone!”

“Everybody moves on and I wonder why I can not. Is there something wrong with me?”

“If love is universal, no one can be left out.”

“Sometimes life is very difficult to be alone and sometimes life is too good to be alone.”

“I’m not alone because loneliness is always with me.”

“When I am alone, I think of many things, but when I have a chance to tell, I am speechless.”

“I’m fighting alone and being depressed is an everyday struggle.”

“I restore myself when I’m alone.”

“It’s easy to stay with the crowd that it takes courage to be alone.”

“For now I’ll listen to the saddest songs and sit by myself and wonder.”

“Staying alone does not mean I’m alone. That means I’m strong enough to handle everything myself.”

“If no one is going to help you do it yourself.”

“This world is full of people, but without feelings inside, I feel it’s better to be alone instead of being without emotionless creatures.”

“Being alone is being different and being different is being alone.”

“My pain is killing me. Imma hell of being depressed. My obsessive thoughts are hurting me.”

“I want to go somewhere where no one knows my name.”

“Leave me alone.”

“I’m trying to hide somewhere in this great world. Nobody understands how it is …”

“Never say that you are alone because you are not alone, your God and your genius are in.”

“Being alone is more painful than hurting yourself!”

“I love being alone. Sometimes it’s better if you know more.
Feeling Sad quote ”

“Sometimes I want to close my heart to all the emotions I do not want to feel”

And as hard as it is, I will not be discouraged.

With the disappointments of life I make my ladder for overcoming.

I do not want just one night, one kiss, I want a true, intense love.

I do not settle for half words or half terms.

My smile lights up your darkness.

If it’s to be anything, let it be sweet.

I like loyal friends and carnal loves.

If it’s my goodbye that holds you: Go with God.

I could be what you want, but I’d rather be what I desire.

Life is made of choices, make yours and be happy.

Fight for your goals, one day you will reach them.

There is nothing more discouraging than having someone on your side who only complains.

Be selective in the choices of your companies.

Give love to those who deserve it.

There is no color, sex, religion, we are all children of the same God.

The greatest prejudice is one that occupies your mind in silence.

If you have me in your mind, congratulations, you’re a very lucky person.

It is with tears in my eyes that I face my challenges.

Being strong is a condition, not a choice.

I’d do my best just to see you smile.

Talent, everyone has, some just need to find out which one is yours.

Be polite and respectful of others, no one is forced to put up with boring people.

Everything you do in this life will be a learning for the next.

And if life gives you a creep, get up and move on.

The important thing is to be you, even if it’s strange, be you.

Do everything you want, life has no second chances.

I love enjoying my company.

They say that being alone is not life, what then?

Of all the memories its the one that hurts me the most.

All I need to be happy is a good wine and a book that will hold me.

Be who I want, without caring about the opinions of others.

Many wanted to be where I am but few wanted to face what I faced.

Do not be calm to those who only bring you a storm.

And whenever you break your face I’ll be here, again.

Many ask how I am, few care about the answer.

Money does not bring happiness, but you buy shoes.

I challenge you, be like me before you judge me.

As much as I try to be strong, my yearnings and weaknesses lead me to you.

I hate fake people with no personality.

No one has the power to judge, we are all free, with our choices.

Elegance, or you have or stop trying to have.

What do I do with the “cucumbers” from day to day? A salad.

The greatest difficulty of being alone is facing the envy of those who are not.

I do not need anyone to be happy.

It’s not easy being me, you have to have a lot of strength and courage.

And with the pineapples of life, I make that caipirinha!

I hate trying to teach me how to be me!

When your opinion is influential in my life, I warn you.

I have to admit, whoever has me has everything!

Happiness is in the small details, like the word I!

If you want to get out of my life, just ask one thing, close the door!

I’m not cold, I just do not give myself to those I do not know.

My friends are very lucky to have as a friend a person as beautiful, sweet, and sweet as I am!

Sweet like a lemon!

I’m not looking for my half of the orange, I’m looking for a whole orange.

It really is not easy to please me, if you do not want challenges, or try.

I’m not thick, it’s the people who irritate me.

Begging love? Never!

The problem is, I like adventure.

Before you try to get into my life, make sure you can do it.

Patience, or you have, or, um, come on, never mind.

Learn to live with yourself before trying to live with someone else.

When you know what you have in your hands, company will be a detail.

I love myself with all my imperfections.

Self-love is everything.

Lost in my thoughts.

Reflecting on how wonderful my company is.

I do not need anyone, I have myself.

My thoughts, my longings, my life, my self.

Even the strong cry.

I will always go forward, without fear, I can.

I trust in God, for I know he will do the best for me.

Not everything is blue, even the sky sometimes turns gray.

I’m not ashamed of the tears falling down my face.

That moment when you laugh alone and you look like an idiot!

I know I have much of me to offer.

I do not judge anyone who does not like me, not everyone has good taste!

Any battle can come, I will be a warrior, I will fight and I will win.

Someone who can change your life? You!

Waiting to see what the future holds!

I do not care what they think or talk about me.

Many judge me, few understand me.

When you have nothing to talk about, smile!

I am the one that invades your dreams!

I do not care about anyone’s opinion, I assert myself.

The day I need your advice, get me in!

Beauty is not what the eyes see, but what the heart feels!

I will always be in your thoughts, in your dreams.

Give up baby, you will never get to my feet!

Decipher my look, he speaks more than my words.

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